Towers and Teamwork

Today was the second day of school, I’m part of a program at school called Innovation lab and we do different activities and tasks. Our school year will be so much more different than the regular core classes other students are taking. In STEM class today, which is math and science, we had a challenge. The challenge was to build a tower with twenty six pieces of pasta, a meter of tape, a meter of string and a marshmallow. The marshmallow had to be on the top, and you didn’t have to use every piece of pasta or the meter of string if you didn’t need it.

The point of the task was to see how tall you can get the tower with the marshmallow on the top without it falling. With my group, I learned that working together under pressure with a bunch of people you don’t know can be very difficult. Especially when you only have eighteen minutes that feel like ten. The greatest challenges I went through were getting the tape to stick on the spaghetti sticks. Our group also had trouble with figuring out how we were going to make the tower tall and where we wear going to put the marshmallow.

But in the end, no matter how hard it was, it was all worth it because we got the tower to work and still have the marshmallow on the top without it falling. It may not have been the tallest tower at 10 cm but it was a good enough height for how much effort we put in. I believe that my group also did a very good job because we didn’t fight and nobody really took over our group. We all worked together and put in our ideas and we all got along. 


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