Am I Even Good Enough? #writersblock

The problems of writers block consists of one constantly trying to create a piece of work that they have no idea how to plan. Or, even know how to write.This constant thought of “I’m never going to think of something to write” leads writers to become insecure of there work and think; “Am I even good enough?”

Writing naturally comes easily to me. Except, when I actually want to write something, there is nothing to write about. I’d start something but never actually finish it. some people soon start to become pretentious, it’s not about you anymore but how you need to write something so you can prove to, not only yourself, but others that you can fight writers block. Sometimes for different people, it’s all about impressing someone. You could say, “I need to fight writers block to impress somebody”. Or, you could think like me, and say, “I need to fight writers block because writing is my passion.” Trying to cure yourself just to prove a point or to impress somebody else isn’t a very good idea. I mean yes, you might get a few high-fives or cheers from your friends but in the end you won’t feel that good about yourself if your main goal was to use your passion as a way to get compassion from other people. 

Trying to write something, whether it’s a short story or poem, when you have no idea, not even one,  to write about can be really hard. Except you should never lose hope. The last time I had writers block was near the end of 8th grade. I couldn’t think of anything to write but I figured out why. I wasn’t crestfallen or distressed, and I think those are mostly the times when I actually am successful at writing a poem. I write when I’m mostly not in a good mood or have had a bad day and I think, since I started writing in second grade, I haven’t written one poem that was in the least bit happy or cheerful. 

Every artist writes about different things. You could write about how you feel, how you see the world, the weather and maybe how pain relates to thunder. You could be a best selling author and still sometimes get writers block. No matter what you write or who you are, everyone at least experiences writers block one or two times, and that’s okay. Some days will be good days, and some day will be bad days, but every day is a new day, and you never know, maybe today is the day you will finally be able to write what you can write.  


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