High Tech High, is a school in North Bergen New Jersey filled with kids who want a change in their educations. Whether they think what they are learning is boring or if their learning style isn’t how they would want to learn, they didn’t want the traditional learning where teachers stand up in class talking and ordering their students to take notes. High Tech High is a school that has an education that is moving forward.

In the documentary about the school, there were multiple students who had changed from the beginning of the school year to the end. This new teaching changed how students thought and changed how confident they were. Confidence in things such as talking in front of people, talking to the teachers who looked a little intimidating and confidence in themselves. Each student learned differently and had different skills in there classes. Failure + Failure + Failure = thinking and trying. The fact that one student in the movie decided to re-due his project from a failure and try, try, try again was something I don’t really see everyday at school. After he redid his project and it was successful he had felt good for a life time and put his project with the rest of the other students projects.

In this school, with the way our education works, you don’t ever see this. Instead, you’ll see somebody getting a good grade on a project, test or essay and be happy about it for a little bit. Then, you will see them throw their work out and never think about it again. In the movie one of the teachers asked some of his best students if it’s more important to ace a test or let me teach you more about how to succeed in life. All of his students said to ace a test. I think if somebody asked a group of students at our school the same question they all would’ve said ace a test too. The reason to why the students had said ace a test, was because they had said that you could learn more about succeeding in life in college but first to get into college you must ace the test. Ironic Isn’t it? It seemed as if most of the students at first believed that it is more important to pass and not know anything then fail a few times and learn a different way. I think if one teacher asked a group of kids at the GHS who is not in Innovation lab, the same question they might say the same thing; “Ace the test.”

I loved the movie, I thought it was exactly what we needed. We needed to see see something that’ll makes us feel like, ‘hey, I think Innovation lab will be as great as that’. I thought the people in the movie were scared and shy at first but then, they grew and became determined, and thought outside of the box. I hope that the same thing that happened to them happens to me; to become smarter, stronger. And possibly a student that doesn’t draw inside the lines, but out.

Here is a picture of the notes I took from the remembrance of the movie and re-watching the trailer:

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