Useful and inuseful digital tools

For the past few days of school, tomorrow Friday September 18th will be our tenth day of school. It seems like a little bit but it feels like it’s been two months already. For the first couple weeks we’ve been using different digital tools to educate ourselves in a different way. At some points, having online resources is good; but in other points it may not be. An example of a really good digital tool I’ve used so far is the Desmos Calculator. It is basically a graphical calculator and it’s so easy to use. I actually like this calculator better because the hand held calculator has way too many steps and it’s confusing to use. Also I lost mine last year and it’s too expensive to get a new one so that’s also good. Here is what the website Desmos looks like:

ok you can make anything from functions, linear equations and so much more. You can even make shapes like this, if you know how to. I don’t I found this off of google images but this is possible:

Another really good Digital tool we’ve used so far that I like is Google Docs. I basically use Google Docs everyday. Whether it’s for my personal writing or for school work it is very useful. You can also share your documents with other people so it’s a great source for teachers to use to see their students assignments. Here is what Google Docs’ platform looks like:

Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 3.13.54 PM On Google Docs you can do multiple things. You can make a powerpoint on Ethos, Pathos, and Logos if you wanted too. You can make a spreadsheet for something or a form for something. Or you could simply make a document for your English class essay. Google Docs is also a great platform because it saves all the stuff you do without even having to click ‘save’. I really like Google Docs better than Microsoft word and I think very soon it is going to be used more than Microsoft.


An example of a really bad digital tool (in my opinion) is the Graphical Analysis app on the Chromebook that we were required to download for STEM. I think that this app isn’t very good because it’s very difficult to use and I don’t really understand it. I think for me to like this Digital Tool more, I would have to get personal help with it from a friend or a teacher because all it is, is that I honestly don’t know how to use it. Here is how the Graphical Analysis App looks like on the Chromebook and maybe you might understand why I am saying what I am saying.

Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 3.22.44 PMFor one, I’m also not very good at reading graphs and that is also another reason why I don’t like this Digital Tool that much. Another Digital tool I don’t like that much is Google Docs. I know I’ve said that I really like Google Docs, and I do so this might sound a little confusing. Google Docs is a great network to create your work and share it or just have it saved somewhere, I love Google Docs. Except when there is a reading assignment that is shared to us or a Assignment in general that we have to read and only do online, it gets really annoying.I know that now, society is moving towards technology since now cars can drive by themselves and there are hoverboards and new creations that has to do with technology but I don’t think having everything online is a good idea. Looking at screens for too long can make you tired and your eyes hurt and if you have to read and highlight and comment on articles or do assignments online it also makes it harder. Especially if you are a type of person who likes to highlight things and write notes on assignments that are in your hands rather than in front of you on a screen.


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