Waste Water Treatment Plant

On September 29th 2015, a group of students in a new learning environment called ‘Innovation Lab’ visited a Grass Island Waste Water Treatment Plant in Greenwich Connecticut. During this field trip we identified different kinds of tools that they used to make the sewage water clean. There were multiple different processes to making the water clean. First, all the sewage water with all the solid pieces of garbage went into a machine that separates the solids by the liquids. Then it the excess water moves to another area, into a different machine that cleans the water and removes the bacteria. The water is then more clear and looks like drinking water. Although, if you do drink it, you could be stuck in the bathroom for four days.

Here’s a picture of the site that we visited and all the different areas to where and how they clean the water.

In my opinion, the field trip was really interesting. Looking at all the different machines was really interesting and seeing how things work is really cool. The workers most likely think in a different way, and have different perspectives of how important our clean water should be. If I asked an arrogant person about how they felt about the process of cleaning water and if clean water in our oceans was important, I feel like they would say no. This would probably either be because they don’t watch the news or is aware of our polluted oceans. I wouldn’t be ‘that person’ that would say something like that. I care for the oceans and ever since I was little I would bring bags to the beach to pick up the garbage I find on the beach and in the ocean. Surprisingly, I found a lot of plastic in the water. This isn’t good because the plastic is just floating around ocean and it can end up anywhere. If it ends up on land, it would take about 450 years to decompose. Some bottles of plastic can even take 1000 years to biodegrade.


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