Leslie Yager Visit

A few weeks ago a Journalist named Leslie Yager came to our Humanities class and talked to us about her articles she has been writing for a few years. She wrote many articles about our school; Greenwich High School, Dog Hounds, and stuff all around Greenwich Connecticut. She started writing about how dog hounds treated the dogs and how the dogs were helplessly waiting for somebody to adopt them.Then she started to expand her writing and started writing about more things that people might not hear on the news. Some examples may be new opening stores, things to do with politics, sports, and many more.

At the time we were learning about Muckrakers. In some sort of way, Leslie was a Muckraker journalist. She went out and experienced how news reporters find their information and published things and little details that the news may not have covered. She wrote things like how the law catches up with a Greenwich man who was charged for driving with a suspended license. This may not mean anything to some people or be relevant to anybody but to some it may show that the Police Department in Greenwich are becoming more harsh and you should be careful on the road. Also it is good to be aware that driving safely with your license up to date and that you are aware of the police and other cars as well. Not all police cars have to look like police cars. Take this picture for example:

Some cars may look like this and they would have the ability to turn off the lights so it looks like any other car on the road.

Other than that article she has written multiple articles based on the Greenwich High School. When I had had my first Orchestra concert in the new auditorium, she went and took a few pictures and wrote an article on it. I think writing about things you see is good. Not only so that you have that memory of it but for others to get to know things that they may not have been able to be there for or just to get more information.

If you were wondering, Leslie’s website is: Greenwichfreepress.com


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