Paradigm Shift

write about a significant paradigm shift in your life. It could be an event, a book, a person, a learning experience. Reflect on how life/perspectives have changed and what it means to you now.

Recently in class we have been learning about paradigm shifts in peoples lives. Mostly paradigm shifts by people who were in the war. The definition of a paradigm shift is basically a fundamental change. In drawings, a paradigm shift can involve illusions. Here is an example of one;

In the 1960’s, Thomas Kuhn used the phrase “Paradigm Shift” in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn used the duck-rabbit optical illusion to demonstrate the way in which a paradigm shift could cause one to see the same information in an entirely different way.

Paradigm shifts can occur in many different things. Drawings, writing, pictures, and even people’s lives. I’ve had many paradigm shifts in my life. Many of them were good while others were bad. Here is an example of one of my shifts in my life…

As a kid I didn’t think moving would ever happen to me. I liked where I lived. I was born in Boston Massachusetts and didn’t stay there long enough to remember much. I remember that my school had the biggest pool and the library was so cool looking and I remember that I had a bunch of friends and the school playground was my favorite but that’s about it. I don’t remember my teachers name but how could I? I went to school in Boston for 1 or 2 years. It was so long ago I don’t even remember. After Boston, my family and I moved to New York. Within New York, I went to two different elementary schools. For the first school (I forgot the name) I went to the school for 1st grade. My teacher, a name I also have forgotten was a amazing teacher. I loved all of the students in my class and field day at the school was the best. I still have a shirt from field day that year:

photo 1

And the initials on the back:

photo 2

After staying at that school for 1st grade I moved again and went to another elementary school called “Eugene Auer” it was a great school and I loved all of my teachers and my school principal. The house I lived in, in the beginning was so nice and I became friends with my next door neighbors who were near the same age as me but younger or older. I stayed at Eugene Auer the longest out of all the elementary schools. I had stayed from 2nd-4th grade. Sadly, I moved again to Cos Cob Connecticut where I live now. This was a paradigm shift for me because I didn’t want to leave so sudden and move. I hated moving. I just wanted to be in one place and stay there. I also actually liked Long Island New York, where I lived in. I liked the people, the school atmosphere and everything about that part of New York. After moving from New York to here, CT, I spent 5th grade at the Cos Cob school. It wasn’t the best year, everyone in my class were very different. I had less friends and I didn’t know everybody like I did in Eugene Auer. I honestly liked the schools in New York better than the elementary school here but I survived. High school was an even bigger paradigm shift because I didn’t know even more people and my anxiety began to grow more and more by the second but I’m now in 10th grade, in Innovation lab, and I’ve made it this far, I actually think it’s not that bad here.


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