My Passion for Photography


Photography has been one of my passions for a very long time. I’ve always been taking pictures whether it was on my D.S when I was younger or my phone. The day I earned a Canon camera on the Christmas of 2014 was the best day. I finally got to take better and clearer pictures. Although this didn’t stop me from taking pictures on my other devices. I couldn’t bring the camera around with me unless I was careful with it. Bringing my new camera to school was not an option so I used my phone as a backup. While walking home and seeing different things I took pictures.

photo (4)

One day I stopped by my local library, the Cos Cob library and decided to take a break from walking and do some homework in quiet. I could’ve kept walking and done my homework at home, but quiet doesn’t exist much there. During the fall, walking home, I pick up so many fall leaves to look at and take pictures of.  Therefore, before I began my work, I decided to go to the restroom and wash my hands. Inside the bathroom I saw the cutest thing hanging right on the wall. It is simple but simple is good. I love the simplicity of some photographs and I really loved how this picture turned out.

Another photo that I am proud of and I have taken on my phone is a photo of some fall flowers and fall colour changing leaves. I tried to focus my camera on the flowers in between the gate, which is also in the picture and the leaves are in the background. The photo is filled with colour and the colour of the flowers themselves are very bright.

photo (2)   Some of the photos I take describe different moods and emotions. Take this photo for example:

photo (3) In this photo you might just see leaves with rain drops in black and white. But what I see is a sad rainy day where colour doesn’t exist. When I think of rain I think of sadness, cold hands and tear drops. When I think of rain I think of hurricanes or rain storms. When lights go off there is no light, and the dark clouds covers the sun. This picture shows everything I think of when it comes to rain. But, sometimes, rain is good. After rain the sky fills with beauty like this photo:

photo (8) Here are some other photos that I have taken:

photo (14)A silhouette of two leaves and a branch above beautifully coloured fall trees.

photo (4) A tall building with mirror like windows that shows the reflection of the sky and the buildings.

photo (13) A vintage like building In Brooklyn New York.

photo (12)A picture of Tod’s Point when the sun is about to go down and the horizon of the far end of the beach.

photo (11)Another black and white photo of the reflection of the trees in the lake at Pomerance, Cos Cob CT

photo (10) A simple picture of a few branches from a still green tree.

photo (9)Flowers in fall.

photo (7)Fall leaves.

photo (5)A picture of the small waves of Tods Point beach.

photo (6)Another photo of fall leaves.


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