Effective Persuasion

How many times have you wanted something so bad that you tried to persuade your parents into buying it? You told them all the reasons why you should have whatever it was and why it was a good thing to get it. Most of the time, if you have effective persuasion, this works. Whenever Christmas rolls around or your birthday, the thing you’ve been begging for is hidden underneath the wrapping paper just waiting for you to open. Effective persuasion comes in many different ways. Whether you’re trying to persuade someone to get you something, trying to persuade someone about something you’ve researched on, or persuading someone on the importance of something.

In Science class my group and I are currently stressing about what we have left to do for the projects due date, this Friday. The one big thing we seem to be skipping how to persuade our listeners about the importance of what we researched and how the little things like the lack of Calcium or how the fertilizer effects the fish. This is a huge part of our project when it all comes down to us presenting our experiment. It all came down to figuring out how to have a good enough explanation for an effective persuasion.

Some things I have looked up on about effective persuasion have been very useful. Some steps to the do’s and don’ts of how to be an effective speaker came up. Here are some of them:


Prepare yourself. Whether you are going to try and talk your way into a better grade (like Cher Horowitz from Clueless)   or presenting your work in front of a class, you need to prepare yourself on how to do it the correct way to become successful. Do you want to get that C to an A? Are you nervous about a test or your grades for the quarter? Set up a day to meet with your teacher and prepare yourself before hand on what to say. If your persuasion is effective enough and you are honest and sincere in what you say, you may get extra help before the test or be able to redo work for that C to go to an A. Simply asking, will make your teachers believe that you actually care about your grades; which you should. Do this, and you’ll get your bad grade to a better one in no time. Just don’t do what Cher did and make up excuses to get your grade to an A, that only works in movies.

Don’t try too hard to persuade

People can tell whether or not you know what you’re actually talking about. You want to persuade someone without coming off sounding intelligent or annoying, like a nagging way. If you want someone to do something that you want you have to persuade them on why it’s a good idea. Yelling at them or nagging them to get what you want is never the answer. Take this photo for example:

 The man seems as if he’s nagging his wife about the color of a room. Instead of talking it out, he’s simply telling her what she can’t do. This is exactly what I mean by trying too hard to persuade. Before you even try to persuade the person for what you want, you need to take a few breaths and figure out what the best way it is to tell the person what you want, this is where you need to learn how to give effective persuasion.


Think that you’re better at persuasion than you are

I know we tend to think we are better at certain things than other people. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s a natural thing to do. But honestly, it’s not the best way to handle things. Believing that you are better at something than you really are to, whether it is to, make yourself feel better or make someone feel worse isn’t a great thing to do. Ignoring where your weaknesses are and believing you are okay isn’t the best way to go. Doing this can cause you to fail at honing your skills. Instead of doing this, take a long, hard look at yourself and ask “Who am I?”. Then, when you have done that, see where your skills need to be polished.

Talk too much

I know you want what you want asap but talking too much in a conversation can show the other person that you don’t care about what they have to say. This causes the person to get frustrated with you and possibly make them not want to get what you’re persuading them to get. You have to be open to what the other person says, and by doing this, you have to let them be able to speak.

To be a good effective speaker, people want to listen to others who have good character. If they don’t, it may be harder to get what you want. Begging someone for something is probably not going to get you to your goal.


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