Great Gatsby Found Poem

For class today, November 6th 2015, we learned about Found poetry. Found poetry is when you take certain words or phrases from another poem or passage from a book and take the words and phrases you chose to create a poem. A poem with words and phrases you found from the original piece. You may have seen newspaper poetry before, also called blackout poetry. If you buy a book, you could use a sharpie or marker to cover the words you don’t want to use and have the phrases you use for the poem visible. Here’s an example: 

Austin Kleon, became a New York Times best seller because of his three books; Steal like an artist, Show your work!, and Newspaper Blackout. 

In his book he showed some of his Newspaper blackout poems he had created. He made his pages look creative and interesting and have meaning. Here is an example:

In class we were told to make a found poem with our assigned group. In my group, we created this poem altogether to describe Gatsby’s loneliness throughout the book:

I found myself alone again, in the unquiet darkness,

Glaring tragically into the night.

She never loved you

It was a terrible mistake

The words shook me,

Took me,

To a spectacular death.

Afterwards, when we still have a little time left, I created my own found poem from words and phrases from The Great Gatsby. Here is my poem:

This is a valley of ashes.

Rising smoke and crumbling air.

The haunting Twilight felt lonely.

I’ll tell you god’s truth,

if it wasn’t for the mist,

the pink clouds would rush with emotion.

she pulled his face, murmuring an “I love you”.

Her voice is money.

This is a valley of ashes.

windy evenings,

old friends,

broken windows.

Knuckles of black and blue.

Her heart,

forever silenced.

Open the whiskey,

you poor son of a bitch.

This is a valley of ashes.

A burning cigarette trembles,

in her cold hands.

wide eyes,


Rapid speaking,


This is a valley of ashes.

invisible ghosts frighten him.

she’s gone,

flirtation is over.

Human sympathy is too wise,

unlike her.

This is a valley of ashes.

I’ll tell you god’s truth,

she doesn’t love you.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.

I promise you a decade of loneliness,

this is a valley of ashes, 

So you ought to begin wrapping the whiskey in a towel.

This shows a lot of things. The love Gatsby and Daisy had in the beginning, then the fight Gatsby and Tom had that changed everything and then Gatsby going back to what he didn’t want to be, lonely. I also added the part with the whiskey because it can relate to people drowning out their sadness and I feel like if the movie was re-written to fit modern day, he would be drinking away his sadness and loneliness.


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