STEM Air, Soil and Water Project

The purpose of my Stem, air, soil, and water project was to determine whether or not fertilized water could affect fish. I found this important because I love marine life and I hate it when our human waste and pollution harms the aquatic animals. While researching information for the project I learned that fish can be harmed by the fertilizer that runs off of farms, fields, and yards.

Here you can read more about the process of my project and more information I researched: 

During my groups experiment we contributed different ideas and listened to each other. Some times we went our own ways and didn’t collaborate like we should have. Spending a whole semester conducting my own independent research has been a hassle. But, working together with other people helps a lot when you’re confused on something or when you need to expand on ideas and thoughts. Working with other people that I didn’t know at first was very questionable. As a scientist, I decided, to be open to other people’s ideas and suggestions. Therefore, the tasks that had to be done were completed on time without too much arguing. I learned that working in groups is very hard. Last time I worked in a group for a project was in 6th grade. It was easy because all we did was draw images of animals or something like that. Except for science it is different. You really have to be motivated to your tasks done and communicate with your group members so that everyone knows what they should be doing or what should be done.

One of the things I am most proud of in our project was the amount of improvement we had from the beginning to the end. At first, we didn’t know, exactly who was doing what and what the project was even about. Sometimes we tried to figure things out on our own but that does not always work. To work better together and understand what was going on we did group chats where we explained what has to be done by what date. This helped everyone to get a better sense of what they should be doing during our class times. Other times when we were confused we called for either of our teachers, Mr. Walach for Algebra 2 or Dr. Goldin for Environmental Chemistry. When they came over we asked questions and took notes of things that they said for better improvement on our project. After all of our hard work, it finally paid off for a good successful grade and the good feeling of accomplishment that came afterwards.

Some other weaknesses that our group had but faced was building our experiment. At first, it was a little difficult to assemble the different parts of our project together but in the end it all worked fine. In our project we have water in a large container, soil with miracle grow in a separate container inside the larger container, and fish inside of the water. Before we even began building it was difficult to figure out what should go where and how we were going to set up our experiment was difficult as well. Everyone in my group had different ideas on how to set it up which was great, the hard part was choosing which idea to use. At the end of a debate and a little bit of voting on the best idea we decided on an idea and stuck to it. Although before building we decided to draw an outline on how we wanted our project to look like. This helped so we had a better understanding of what was going to be built. 

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