Identity Project

In STEM class we are currently working on a project called the ‘identity project’. In this project we were told to draw an art piece of how we think of ourselves and the image has to explain our identities. This was completely harder than it seems. Trust me. I had to think, “Who am I?” and “What kinds of images shows who I am?”. Thinking about who I was was very difficult. Was a an amazing sports player? No.  Was I always a A+ student? No (I wish though). I decided to keep asking myself questions like this but questions that may relate to who I was. As much as I wanted to believe I was something as cool as a famous sports player, I was not. So, putting a basketball on my image wouldn’t make much sense. By the end of my brainstorming I had gotten these images down on paper. 


photo (18).JPG

In the image above, I included the back of a spine (which is in brown and yellow to show decay and being very fragile), a butterfly on the bottom to represent the tailbone. One side is a butterfly the other is an ear with music notes besides it to represent my love for music), flowers are besides the spine with little seeds to show growth, the leaves coming down from the flowers are shown to represent the people in my family, the mountains, sun and trees at the top are to represent happiness and more growth, the cloud with the eye in the center is to represent sadness and rain, and lastly, the dream catcher near the trees are to represent my goals and hard work.

Working on the physical piece wasn’t as difficult once I knew what I wanted to draw. Each color represents a different idea. All of the pink represents warmth, originality, and imagination. The red, from the heart in the center of the spine represents love, determination, strength, and passion, green represents growth and family, blue represents sadness, and brown and yellow represent fragility. Each color represented a different part of me, a different piece of my identity.

After creating this part of the project we were told to begin our online part using an online graphing calculator called “Desmos”. At first, I did not know what I was going to do and or what functions to use to create my piece. My piece was very abstract so I decided to simplify it a bit. In my online piece I chose to only use the spine, the butterfly as a whole(without the ear part), the cloud with the sun and maybe some mountains at the top to represent growth. I noticed that my physical piece had a lot of little parts and simply trying to add in everything will be very difficult and take very long. Here is what my online piece looks like so far:

Screenshot 2015-11-20 at 11.31.50 AM.png

I have created the beginning of the spine and added in the butterfly at the bottom. I also created the cloud with the sun on the top instead of the side because it looked a little better. I may or may not add the raindrops below the cloud, I will most likely need help with doing so. I also will most likely need help transferring the cloud to the other side of the graph in the first quadrant and angle it a little higher. I do not know how to do some stuff but it’s okay, asking for help doesn’t hurt.



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