The differences between Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 (so far)

Quarter 1


in Innovation lab was great. In humanities and stem we learned about many different kinds of subjects and other things that I’ve never learned about before. In humanities we learned about workers rights, muckrakers, and a lot about the progressive era and poets at the time. We also began doing a lot of group work. For English we started doing a lot of work for The Great Gatsby and started analyzing different poems from the progressive era as well.

Quarter 2

So far it is going well. I have noticed a large rise in the homework we have been receiving but I am more on top of my work than I was last year. In Inlab, we are pushed to complete different assignments by different due dates and we are challenged to face our fears and do things we may have not done before. In humanities this quarter, so far, we’ve been doing many things in both History and English. For English we finished the Great Gatsby book and completed our journal entries for each chapter we read. Now, we are preparing ourselves for a essay that will be due later on and each individual in the class were able to choose what they wanted to write about based on the Great Gatsby. These essays we will be writing later on are called Analytical essays. This will be a challenge for me since I have never written an Analytical essay. In history we began learning about WW1 and creating our own activities and presentations with a group of people on a topic we were given. My topic was film in the 1920s and I believe that our presentation was good but could’ve been better if I had looked up more when I was speaking. We are also working on our own individual projects based on the modernism of the 1920s in humanities and this project will be due, I believe after thanksgiving break.


Quarter 1

In science we learned about the periodic table and the different areas of the periodic table. Such as the metals and non-metals. We also did a water testing lab, where we tested different kinds of water and found their pH. We learned about Dissolved oxygen, Ammonium Ions, Chloride Ions, Calcium Ions and the meanings of different scientific words. We also spent a large amount of time of the quarter working on our group projects that were about the Nitrogen cycle and water cycle. We took two quizzes, one on the lewis dot structure and one on the water cycle. In my spare time I watched videos about atoms, molecules, phases of matter, chemical bonds, and the difference between covalent and ionic bonds. During this quarter as well we took a trip to the water treatment plant and it was very interesting as well. We also had two math assignments on google docs that we had to complete and this was also a challenge for me since I am not very good at math but I got help from my teacher and other teachers and that was very helpful.

Here is how my some of my stem journal pages had looked for the first quarter:

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To prepare for quizzes I took notes, during class I took notes. I took notes on many things so I could go back to them in case I have forgotten.

Quarter 2

In science this quarter so far we’ve been working on the Identity project. A project where you create an image of something that represents you and your identity. This was a challenge but I finally found something to do and hopefully other people like it as much as I do. For this project we are also doing an online part as well on Desmos. To create our art we use different functions and math equations and this part, for me, is a little challenging but I’m constantly asking others for help on how to do something and their advice and responses are very helpful as well. In this quarter we also got to have the chance to do video responses with a school in Honolulu Hawaii about our two different projects. In my group, with Dylan, Enzo, and Tyler we had the chance to explain what our projects were and we had the chance to talk to people all the way on the other side of the world, which was also very cool. For there projects they did a project on hydroponics and it wasn’t complete yet so we didn’t get to hear much about it. So far, the school year is going great and I hope it keeps being great because I love how well I am doing in my academics already and I need to keep it that way.




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