Dear Quarter three..

I remember quarter two like it was just yesterday. I remember writing my reflection of quarter two and the differences of quarter two to quarter one like it was just a few days ago. I remembering the time and effort I took into completing my Modernism project, and I remember the stress and pressure I had while just beginning my National History Day Project. I remember the good and bad things of last quarter, and it’s so peculiar. I can’t believe it’s already quarter three. Quarter 3!!! Which means we are basically more than half way done with the school year. Just one more quarter, and sooner or later it will come by very quickly. It will come as quick as the last one left. Quarter two so far has been the best quarter of the year. I learned about things I actually enjoyed learning about, I read books that I loved, I accepted new challenges and challenged myself into being more open-minded and creative in my work. Particularly in my Identity project for science. I believed that my project, from everyone else’s might be a little simple. But, after putting in everything I had, and actually creating my work, I became very proud of it. And comparing it to other people’s work wasn’t worth it, because everyone’s work means different things to them and my work means something different to me. Quarter two has made me a stronger person academically and socially and has helped me become a better hard-worker and more focused on succeeding than giving up. For Quarter three I have some goals that I want to accomplish and things I want to keep doing to stay successful in school. Quarter three, I hope you do good things for me. I hope you give me the strength and energy I need every single day to never give up. Quarter three, I hope you give me new experiences and new challenges. I hope you give me new opportunities, new friends. Quarter three I hope you are as good as the first two. This quarter, not only will I be experiencing new things and learning new topics, I will be taking new classes as well. Electronic music and life sports. I had signed up to take Electronic music in grade 9 but there was no space. Luckily, this year there were slots for me and I am so very excited. Before taking this class, I would play around with online studio. For example, Soundation. The songs I’ve made have been very simple, nothing extreme. In the class, we are using Garage band and learning how to do specific things to make different kinds of sounds and music step by step. I think this will be a great experience for me and for the improvement of my music and I’m so excited to see where my music interest will go. For life sports we are going to be basically doing Volleyball for the next ten weeks of the quarter. I stopped playing sports so hopefully I will improve my skills in volleyball and become a better player for when I need to be good at Volleyball. So possibly at the beach or in the future, if I choose to do a career in competitive Volleyball. Which is not likely, but gym is fun and whatever we do I think it’ll be great. I think Quarter three will be great. I know Quarter three will be great, and so will the rest of the new year.



STEM Self Portrait Physical Piece Reflection

For the past couple of months we have been working on an Algebra/Chemistry Identity project and many of us have been working at different paces and have different projects that explain our different identities. At times, while working on my project, I had difficulties understanding which information I had to know to understand Universal Indicator and how pH works. This problem wasn’t too hard to solve. Google is a great source when you have questions, but so is your mentor.

One complex chemistry concept I learned while working on my project were the words Basic, Neutral, and Acidic. On the pH scale, a strong basic color can come out as being a dark color of purple. A strong Acidic color can be a darker red or orange like color. As for Neutral, the color is green at a pH range of 7.

While working on mixing the colors together to find the right color I ended up having an orange like red for two of my mountains, a light green for the biggest mountain and a mixture of blue and purple for the oceans. It took a lot of experimenting but it was a very fun very cool experience. Here is me mixing colors for the my ocean:

FullSizeRender (2)

Another Chemistry concept I learned while doing this project is that you must be safe while using different substances and chemicals. In this picture I used gloves to make sure that nothing got in contact with my skin because it can burn and I pulled up my sleeves of my sweater so that nothing gets onto my clothing because it can stain. Being safe while working on an experiment is important because you’re learning the way that a scientist learns, and scientists have to take these safety precautions too, not only you.

FullSizeRender (4)

In the end, I believe that I have made a lot of progress with this project. Usually in school teachers tend to do more group projects which help you become a better leader and learn to work with different people but I think Individual projects are more interesting and fun, especially this one. In this project we got to teach ourselves like we were our own teachers while still getting the assistance that we needed and we got to find out more about ourselves, thing we didn’t even know. Also, while working individually for a project you can really see your strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to improve your work. It’s your project, nobody elses, and I think that’s what’s really cool about it.

New Years Goals


New Years Goals and resolutions are sometimes hard to achieve. I never really know where life is going to take me so instead of making schedules or plans I just sit and enjoy the ride and see where life takes me. I do have goals, don’t get me wrong but many times I just like to do my best, give it my all and see if I can reach for what I want. Anyways here are my goals:

Goal #1:

As a personal goal I really want to try and write more in a journal everyday. I would love to try and write in a journal or multiple journals for every single day of the year so that at the end I can look back at the pages and read everything that happened. It would be a journal that would contain my thoughts, what happened that day, my poetry, and maybe even doodles who knows? It would be just for me, for nobody else to read. It would be something that I can let out everything that I feel so that I have that security. Something like this: 

But not a burn book, how about something like this? IMG_0290

Yup, this would be more safe and probably a little less extreme and dramatic if somebody sees it. I got this book as a gift from a friend and I’m in love with it. It is very cute and great to write your thoughts in which is exactly what I was thinking of getting for myself soon. I had this same exact goal last New Years. I told myself I was going to write in my journal, which I did, but stopped in the middle of the Summer. Writing in journals was something I’ve done since I was younger. I still have journals in my room with the date 2010 on them, which is a while ago. I hope that I do accomplish this goal or am able to write more poetry in this journal since we are mostly doing a lot of academic things online and on google docs. Society is changing and sooner or later people might not even have to hand write anything anymore.

Goal #2:

My second personal goal is to try and do more exercising. I used to be a part of many sports as a kid and I used to be very active and do track in middle school but now I do not do any sports. I lost interest, which is okay. People lose interest in a lot of things, it’s normal. But, after stopping these sports I didn’t exercise anymore. The only exercising I ever do is in fitness class when we go to the fitness room or when I walk home from school, which takes about thirty minutes. I think this is a good goal to achieve because I want to be able to be more flexible and able to stretch more and be able to run more without being tired after one lap. My sister and dad are both very strong and they exercise a lot. My sister does Gymnastics and she used to do soccer so she is a very active and playful person, and my dad basically has his own gym in our garage. I think it is important to be fit because when you’re older you don’t want to be that one person who gets up having your back hurt or your legs hurt.

Goal #3:

My academic goal is to be able to talk more in class. Usually I am very shy and nervous and my voice always cracks while I talk in front of a class or a big crowd. I am okay in front of my friends since I know them but sometimes it is harder with people I don’t know that much. I also always feel like people are judging me or saying things about me. Usually I try not to care which I have gotten better at, but if you ask me to read a paragraph in a book I will become shaky and possibly laugh at myself when I mess up. Trust me, that has already happened to me and when I was finished reading everyone was looking at me.

So yeah, that happened. But, in the end it was okay and I hoped that I wouldn’t be called on again to read. I think it is important to overcome this fear of public speaking and to try and become more confident in myself for future reference. In the future when I am at a job interview and they ask me to answer a question I don’t think they’ll hire somebody if they seem and look very nervous. I think this program, Innovation Lab is a great program to help students who like to work in groups to overcome their fears whether it is public speaking or trying new things for the first time. This year, so far we’ve tried new experiments we’ve never seen before and tried new projects that we never thought we’d learn in school. Innovation lab has made my year last year more exciting and fun than any of my other years in school, and I’m grateful for being a part of the Innovation lab family.

Goal #4:

My last academic goal is to try and do my best on my midterms and finals this year. I know that last year I did really well on my English and History tests but not so great on my Math and Science tests. Math and science aren’t my best subjects so I became very insecure and didn’t believe in myself that I could do good. Quickly, I stopped thinking that way and put in my all while taking the tests but still it did not work. This week I am planning on going to all of review sessions after school and asking questions to the things I do not understand and taking notes to other people’s questions and answers they get. I will try my hardest and best to succeed. The biggest goal I have is to graduate with a good GPA and high test scores and possibly get into one of the colleges that I am interested in and that is on my list. Some of my favorites are Hamilton College, Bennington College, BU, and Chapman University. From now until Senior year I am going to give it all and become very focused on school and accomplishing all of my goals.