Eureka! It’s Battery Power! Project Introduction 

This week in class we’ve been figuring out what interests us and who we may or may not want to work with. This project connects to the theme inspiration, and how creation can come from anything, including a battery. Once hearing about different group ideas – such as making a hydro powered battery, or a go cart with a battery, I decided to settle with the idea of creating a backpack that allows a iPhone to charge while also using dirty water. The dirty water would be changed to clean water by the power and energy coming from the charging phone. My group, Tess, Riley and I drafted the way we wanted our project to look like and we wrote down some ways our experiment can be useful for every day life. Here is what we came up with:  

In the image below my group and I basically wrote out the purpose of our project, things that the backpack could be used for, and materials that we may need for completing this project. Some things included in our list for materials was; a backpack, reusable water bottle, thin tubing, waterproof phone charger, water wheel, and etc. The things that this backpack could be useful for could be camping, for when you need access to clean water and a charged cellphone for a compass or simply for time. Traveling, school, and or going to a sporting event/gym. Lastly, the purpose of the project is to take dirty water and turn it into clean water. The energy used to clean the water will be used to also charge the phone. 

  In this image below, we basically collected all information from each other and decided to draw out our ideas for the physical piece. We noticed that we may or may not need a solar panel to be at the top of the backpack, so that is worth thinking about when we come to actually building and starting our project. We labeled everything on the backpack so that we had a clear and better understanding of what each image on the backpack really means. 

After drawing out our ideas we all assigned one another to do some initial research and figure out exactly how water power works. This is important so that we understand what we are about to tackle so that we don’t get lost in the process. 


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