Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is set in a homogeneous futuristic war obsessed America, where books were not allowed and the entire population lived under sensory overload. With the help of a English Professor named Faber, Montag begins to read books instead of burning them. Later on, he learns that books allow for self examination and personal thought. Montag  believed that the society that he lived in was lacking real emotions and that the government censorship was protecting the people from reality. Montag believed that if books were destroyed the knowledge would be dead. The Mechanical Hound and the Salamander weren’t going to hold him back from sticking to what he believed in and fighting for the right to read and be himself. Instead, Montag took his freedom, killed who he feared, and became reborn like a Phoenix, after it turns into ash.

Beyond the different moods and themes created, Bradbury uses these different animals to explain how the things that scare us the most and change us the most don’t have to be human. The salamander, the Mechanical Hound, and the phoenix all connect to the idea of society changing and becoming understood differently through animals in Ray Bradbury’s mind. This change of society, causes not only other people to think differently but the protagonist, Montag, to change the way he feels and thinks about books and the things that are holding society back.







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