Technology, Engineering, Professional Skills

Over the course of many weeks and a couple months, a science project was formed. During this ‘Eureka it’s Battery Power’ project, I had worked in a group but then switched to work by myself. This allowed me to gain the skill of working by myself and becoming my own leader. I also have a skill of creating good creative ideas, and in the thought process of what I was now going to do on my own in this project, I came up with the idea of creating a Mason Jar. Which looks pretty creative to me if you don’t think.

IMG_6359 (1).JPGBefore beginning this experiment I had to do an extensive amount of research. Yes, I knew I was going to create a Mason Jar, but how? That was the answer I was trying to search. The skill of being able to take good effective research was necessary for the project because if I hadn’t done all of the research that I had, I would still be at stage 1, not knowing what to do. I also think that being your own leader of your own project is good because you have the chance of creating the idea that you came up with. I think that if I had stayed in the group I was in before, I wouldn’t have gained much out of it. I would be back at stage 0, which is even worse than stage 1 because at stage 0 we didn’t even have anything done and we didn’t really know what to do.

I think these skills will be useful for me in the future because being able to research is an important thing to be able to know how to do. It can be helpful for jobs, or simply for a college research paper. The skill of creating creative ideas is important so that you’re mind isn’t all just science and math but some creativity.


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