My 2016 Stay-Cation pt.1

Summer. The word that sparks smiles in little kids faces and ignites happiness and adventure in teenagers lives. Summer. The season of the year where kids are allowed to explore different ideas and different activities. Summer. The two syllable word that lingers in people’s minds. Just the fascination, the thought, of travelling, of being able to swim in the depths of the sea, Summer. Summer.

My summer, or shall I say my ‘Stay-Cation’ has consisted of sleeping in for longer than I should be and staying online watching way too many Netflix shows. My summer, or may I say my ‘Stay-Cation’ has been composed of reading too many pages and too many chapters of Station Eleven until 1 a.m. My summer or might I say my ‘Stay-Cation’ has not only contained a lack of sleep but also a large consumption of coffee.

Enough with the repetition.

So, Okay.

My summer so far has definitely been different from other summers that I have experienced. At this time of the summer break, I would be at my sleepaway camp. Although instead, I am either finding myself reading a book, scrolling the web, writing a story or simply waiting for my camp days to arrive. August is when I leave.

But man, Isn’t that such a long wait…

Okay, okay, okay, let’s not get too mellow now.. You have a while until camp but let’s look at what else you have to look forward to!

Ok. So, in less than a week, I will be volunteering at the Cos Cob School summer school. Working with a group of about fifteen first graders. Helping them with their math, their reading and writing skills. During my summer last year, I did something similar. I didn’t work at the summer school but I did find a new volunteering opportunity to work with little kids as a CIT at a local day camp. Camp Simmons.

Ah, great memories…

Okay, back to the point.

Anyways, during my Stay-Cation, I hope to be able to inspire these little kids to do better in school, to become more creative in their writing and to become more passionate in their learning. I hope to become a mentor to them, just as much as I was a mentor to the kids at Camp Simmons.

I can’t say that my Stay-Cation has been horrible because then I would be lying. Sure, I’m not going to Cuba or I’m not in Paris right now taking photos of the Eiffel tower (which I still need to complete on my bucket list) but I am spending a lot more time with my family this summer which is actually really fun.


My sister and I fight sometimes, but we are sisters. I mean come on, who doesn’t fight with their brothers and sisters? It’s a family thing, you are bound to pick fights over the simplest of things. Although, no matter how many little fights my sister and I may get into, each and every day we are getting closer and closer. Like two peas in a pod, I would say.

This summer my sister and I have created way too many Musically’s together and it mostly consisted of her teaching me how to tut. Which in fact, is really hard. She figured out how to this dance and I absolutely hate how she can do it and I can’t. I mean really?!? So unfair.

Look at how cool it is:

Well.. the video is sideways but that’s okay.

I mean, I don’t know. I may be overreacting just a little bit but my sister has been really good at a lot of things lately. She’s fantastic at gymnastics and she can do flips and things that makes me think, “is she even human?!?”. She’s great at reading, I mean she says that she doesn’t like to read that much but she’s going to be in advanced learning in fifth grade, which is pretty impressive if you ask me.


Not only am I able to spend more time with family since I have so much time left until August, I am trying to expand more on my interests and my talents. I decided to take more pictures with my camera and to explore different ways to write poems and to write stories. I started writing a story called Willow and hopefully it will be something I can continue and not quit after a few weeks. I also have taken lots of more photos of different kinds and here are some of them:

Even though this summer I am staying in Greenwich Connecticut I decided to take some nice beach pictures when I went to Tod’s Point. Some of these photos are from the walk I took while others are right on the beach. This summer I want to be able to expand my photography skills and to be able to share my pictures with more people, to express something with the photos that I take, the beauty that words cannot create.

My 2016 Stay-Cation, so far has been great. During my next blogpost I will be talking more about some goals that I have for this summer and some DIY things I would like to try.

Till next time..

– Juliana Salamone