The Cellar ~ Natasha Preston

When I picked up this book at the library I didn’t know what to expect. I had known who the author Natasha Preston was and actually read another one of her books, ‘Silence’, on Wattpad and I didn’t think I’d find myself reading another one of her novels. I guess I thought wrong.


The Cellar by Natasha Preston is about a girl named Summer Robinson who is kidnapped by a man that keeps her and three other women trapped in a cellar. Seems like a pretty basic novel topic. Although, the power of the three point of views; Summer’s, Lewis’s, and Clover’s reveals different tones of voices and emotions that are laid out in vivid imagery. In Summer’s POV’s she explains her heart-throbbing want to escape and or get out of the man’s house. She repeatedly mentions that if she didn’t have the hope of getting out, and or Lewis coming to save her, she wouldn’t have minded if Colin had killed her or not. That is how desperate Summer had been trapped, 7 months, in the cellar.


In Lewis’s POV’s he explains how much he severely wants to see Summer and hopes that she is still alive rather than dead. He spends most of his days getting no sleep and having search groups for Summer.


In Clover’s POV’s he explains how much he loves his ‘little flowers’ and believes that his family is much better than any other family out there, especially Summer’s that was currently looking for her. In his POV he mentions a lot how he is ‘in control’ and won’t disappoint his mother. Psychologically, I’m sure that Colin had been brainwashed into thinking that what he was doing was okay because it really wasn’t.


Besides the three POV’s, this novel spoke to me on a spiritual level. I felt as if I had a strong connection to Summer as she was struggling to survive, trapped in the cellar. As she was trapped she told herself over and over again she wasn’t going to become ‘Lily’ and she wasn’t going to become brainwashed like Rose. She thought about how strong she was and how she was going to get through it because she knew she would. Like Summer, in sticky situations, I think about the positive rather than the negative. Sometimes the more you begin to think about something to more you begin to believe it. So as Summer went through her days, she began thinking more and more about having hope and waiting for the day where Lewis comes to save her.


Another character that I strongly connected to was Lewis. As Lewis had heard that Summer was missing he did nothing but try to find her and prayed that he would find her. He loved her with all his heart and would do anything to get her back. Like Lewis, everyone has someone that they feel strongly about and cares about with all their hearts. If something had happened to my little sister whether she was in the same situation as Summer or was being bullied in middle school (when the time comes) I would be there for her for every one of her problems and every one of her situations. She has always been there for me when I was sick or when I have had a bad day and she talks things through with me like she is my older sister, although she is six years younger than me. If it ever comes down to her being faced with something challenging and her needing help I will be there for her every step of the way, just like Lewis had been there for Summer.


Besides the character connections, this novel this tugged on my emotions like a Tug O’ War game, moving one way and another way, causing me to feel different types of feelings. As each character slowly progressed, some kept alive and some killed, I got to know each and every character and feel their emotions as if they were right in front of me, with me even. Although this novel is so surreal it is one that makes you wonder a lot especially towards Colin, one of the main characters. After finishing The Cellar I still don’t know as to why Colin had been the way he had been. He fell in love with the girls he kidnapped, named them after flowers, and then abused them when he had lost his control. Although he was twisted minded and very scary at times when he felt the need to murder prostitutes in the cellar as the other girls watched, reading his thoughts and getting to know more about him through different hints became fascinating. As much as the story was about Summer being kidnapped that is not the main purpose of the story. I believe that the main purpose was to uncover how Colin’s mother had a huge affect on his life before and after her death. Colin regularly went to visit his mother’s grave, collected flowers because she once said that they’re ‘the purest form of nature’ and murdered prostitutes because his mother had walked in on her husband cheating on her with a hooker.


As I read this novel I had become more and more in love with Natasha Preston’s writing. The first book I had read of hers was Silence. She had originally written it on a social media reading platform called Wattpad and later created it into a novel. As I read Silence, a novel about a girl named Oakley Farrell who had been silent since she was five years old, I read it quickly in about a week. Silence had about 206 pages, so it wasn’t very difficult to read. I originally, myself, began writing my poetry on Wattpad and had seen her book Silence in the featured section of the website. I am glad that I took the time to read her story because if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have picked up this book, The Cellar and decide to read it. I admire Natasha Preston not only for her writing but for making me believe that you can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it. She never thought, as a writer, that her novel would become so big and or she would become a well-known author. She has given me the confidence and the strength to reach for my goals and to gradually become a better writer.


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