Designing Labs for Ethical Sustainability

“Considering your initial design and what you see of the intro labs, what is the importance of pre-planning  especially when we connect our design to ethical sustainability?” 

In an article named Ethical Aspects of Sustainability by Bruce Jennings, he once said that; “a sustainable society lives within the carrying capacity of its natural and social system. It has a system of rules and incentives that promote replenishing and limit-depletion and pollution. A sustainable society builds upon the commitment of it’s members to conform to these rules voluntarily, and it enforces them when necessary.”
When it comes to pre-planning, as a group in STEM, we need to acknowledge that creating the ethical aspects of sustainability comes within a certain system of rules. As a group we must be aware and well known that a sustainable society builds up more and more with commitment of members through the communication of members and the teamwork. First before anything else you must be able to have an effective amount teamwork skills and listening to other peoples ideas. When we were first introduced to our project we were asked to choose a partner we wanted to work with and a vegetable or fruit that we were interested in growing. Later on Mr. Walach and Mr. Schlosser, told the whole class that they were going to create groups of four with your partner that you had chosen. This led to a bit of worrisome and fear to a lot of people because this meant that you would have to get out of your comfort zone and talk to different people. Which can sometimes be difficult to others. But, as the project progresses, learning how to have effective communication and a strong sense of teamwork is important when trying to plan and create the best work possible. Therefore I believe, that if you want to create a sustainable aeroponic system before anything else you must find that line of communication and teamwork to make sure that your experiment will be as ethically sustainable as you had wanted it to be.

After we were introduced to this project of creating an ‘automatic aeroponic system’we were told to begin researching what we wanted to grow and the materials that we needed for the experiment. We put our research in a shared google document so that we had a safe place to store our notes and go back to it when we needed it. This past couple of weeks of school my group and I have done an extensive amount of planning, we created many goals for ourselves although a goal without a plan is simply a wish. As Stephen Keague once said, “Proper planning and preparation is important because it prevents poor performance.” Since our project is about creating an ethical and sustainable environment for the fruits and vegetables that we are growing, we must be fully aware and open minded with our planning.

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As Frank Zappa once said; “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.” Take studying for example, if you don’t study for a test and simply go into it and wing it, your outcome may be not what you had hoped. Studying is like planning and also like a parachute. In relation to our STEM project, If you’re not open minded you won’t have the motivation and determination to plan for something that is important to you. Your outcome might not be as efficient as you had imagined, and your Aeroponic System may not be as sustainable. Therefore, you must need to keep an open mind, put in your best income, create goals and plan for yourself, have an awakened spirit, create good communication, value teamwork and hope for the best outcome.


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