Building a Sustainable World Community

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources.

Living in a Sustainable community, we face the struggles of making sure that we are living a sustainable life and we are taking care of others with less sustainability. Many global citizens around the world make sure that we maintain and create goals to help and value these Sustainable developments trying to be made. A Global Citizen as said by Ron Israel, a global citizens initiative, “is someone who sees themselves as part of an emerging sustainable world community, and whose actions support the values and practices of that community.” Some of these below are goals of sustainable development whereas us as global citizens need to create in our world and accomplish.


For the first one, No Poverty, would be the hardest to eradicate. It is something all of humanity faces. If you find yourself walking down New York City, you can find homeless people against walls begging for money or sitting down in their own despair because of being in poverty.

Besides Sustainable development, as mentioned on earthzine, “ensuring a sustainable future will require the majority of people to transform their current lifestyles. Communities act as the cocoons to metamorphose individuals into ecological citizens with strong beliefs routed in sustainable justice and environmental stewardship.”

There is not only sustainable development and sustainability with ensuring a strong and capable community but another way of describing sustainability, and probably the most heard of way is sustainable environment.

Sustainable environment is like sustainable development. In both you need a determined community and environment whereas people want to give in their time to flourish issues in the world and the world itself, through the soil, above the ground in society.




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