An Attitude of Gratitude

This week, in Innovation lab, we were imposed a duty to write what we are thankful for in our lives. In my life I am thankful for multiple things, but when I am asked on the spot, I find it difficult to bring all of those things up. One thing, I am certain I am grateful for, is the supportive Innovation lab community, and the amazing teachers I have met with and befriended this past year and a half. I am thankful that I am in Innovation Lab, because without it I wouldn’t have been able to grow to be the person I am today.

Image result for it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are

Besides my academic values I am thankful for many other things that make up who I am today. Without the friends that I have, I wouldn’t be as open and or confident in myself. My friends are there for me and without them, without my closest friends by my side I don’t know what I would be doing or who I would go to for comfort and encouragement.

Another thing that I am thankful for is the interest and strength I have for writing. I am grateful for my creativity and being able to grow and improve my writing throughout the years. I have two mentors, Mr. Belanger and Ms. Hawes who absolutely love to read, help revise and give me constructive criticism on my poetry, and I am thankful for these two teachers/mentors of mine that constantly help me with my writing.

Lastly, I am thankful for the things and people that are always there for me no matter what. Whether this includes my family, my friends, or simply anybody who makes me happy. I remember throughout the end of last year I was having a hard time and struggling with academic things and personal things as well. My grades were slipping and I just had a lot of stress. Now, I am happier than I have ever been before, I have the courage to do better in school and the strength to fight my past. I am on top of my work, and I have a lot of people looking out for me that I absolutely adore. I am grateful that I have these people in my life today and I’m grateful that I now have the courage to work more on myself and to be the best ‘me’ I can be with the help of those around me.


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