Taking A Stand With My Writing

Ever since I was a little girl, beginning at the Eugene Auer Elementary school in Lake Grove New York, I developed a passion for reading. First came reading, and then writing. My favorite book as a kid was always The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo.

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From that, I wished to know what it was like to write a fictional story. Like the Magic Tree House book series, I began to write my own little series. From being inspired by these authors and books I had read, I would create my own little book with some printer paper and staples, make a cover, and title, and create a series of ten short stories. By that moment, I knew that this passion for writing wasn’t simply going to become a hobby, but an obsession, something that I had to do. Writing became something that I had needed to do, to inspire someone else through my writing like Mary Pope Osborne had influenced me to start my own mini-book series.

As a reader, I’ve read many great books. Books that have become even special to me. As a reader, I was influenced to write poems to alter the way others view poetry, and to inspire connections and change for those readers. When I take stands in the craft of my writing, I write to provoke different types of imagery, thoughts, and emotions in people’s minds.

When I write poetry I use fictional characters to inform others about different topics. I can write a poem about depression and connect it to how another girl can have the desire to take away her life. Although, in the end, she learns how to be strong and beat down the people who had hurt her. xHere is an example of one of my poems about depression:

The War in Her Mind 

I knew a girl with a big heart

Who loved the night and loved the art.  

She slept with monsters in her soul,

Her eyes were filled with ash from coal.

When morning raised, the girl did not.

Her body blue, with scars and dots.

Besides her bed were pills and knives,

She wanted to take her life.

You guilty-faced crowds who said names

That made her feel like burning in flames,

Sneak home and pray before she comes

from heaven–

she’ll beat you down like drums.

It is human nature to feel different emotions, including depression.  And in life, people can share those feelings and emotions with others in different ways, or instead not share them at all. As a young adult writer, I take a stand with my poetry and share those emotions through my writing. My goal is to write relatable and intriguing pieces that can cause the readers to connect and ponder. These pieces of writing can influence different perspectives, inspire people, and or change somebody significantly. Whether or not my writing changes a group of people or one person, I believe that it is an important craft to me, and can become an impactful piece of work to someone else.