The Word Silence

When you say the word silence, it’s loud. It doesn’t sound quiet or like a small whisper in the wind, but it makes noise. For the past week I have felt a sort of comfort within silence. I had a close friend out sick Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and for those three days of the week I had talked to nobody. It made me come to the realization of how lonely I am. How I rely to one person and if they are not there, I don’t have anybody to talk to or to lean on. I simply had the silence around me, hugging my soul and filling inside of me.


For those past three days I sat by myself listening to music and making myself seem busy. At lunch I watched One Tree Hill by myself and read some of 1984 by George Orwell. Wednesday night, I myself got sick. Since Wednesday, I had been stuck at home. A bad cough, stuffy nose, and a headache. It has been four days, four days ,with nothing but the sounds of sickness and the two syllables surrounding me, si-lence.


For these few days out of school and in bed, I have found a lot of time with myself alone. And during those times alone, comes with a lot of thinking, writing, and listening to music (unless I had a headache then I didn’t listen to music). When I listened to different songs, I came across this one song “Silence,” by Dave Thomas Junior and I started to listen to it. When I did, I started hearing; the silence right to my core.

This song was so soothing sounding. It sounding comforting but in a positive way. When people think of the word silence or think of having to sit in silence, they come to believe that it is boring or come to the idea that nobody really wants to be silent, and if they are it isn’t their choice. But for me, listening to this song was a choice. Sitting outside just listening to nothing and listening to the wind blowing near my ears was a choice. Laying on my bed and looking out of my window on a sick day, not thinking about anything was a choice.


Sometimes I am glad that I have the option of silence. To just be able to listen to something and be quiet and relax or listen to nothing at all and relax or to just not think of anything and relax, these are the things that make me realize that you don’t need people to breathe. You don’t need people around you to talk to you, to bug you, to laugh with you all the time. Sometimes the best feelings and thoughts and times when you can relax are those moments when you are alone and accept everything and nothing around you but the –



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